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About Us

John Williams is a filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. John is the owner of Paparazzi Filmz & Paparazzi Entertainment as well as a director, writer, editor and cinematographer in Georgia and Florida. John has several film credits, some of which are on IMDb. John is a writer, director, cinematographer and editor of the award- winning film Cursed. John enjoys creating and working on local independent projects as well as spending time with his family. John looks forward to expanding his business and networking with other like-minded creatives in the area.

John Williams / Producer
Robert H.jpg

Robert Hernaiz is a sound production creator and designer. He works in the film production, and postproduction industry, as a Boom Operator, Soundman and Editor, since 2012. His film credits include several short films, features films, PSA’s, Commercials and Documentaries. Some of his accredited movie projects include, Tender Vows, Cursed, Collusion and The Forgotten Hell, Where The Land Meets The Sky, to name a few. He enjoys playing music, reading, and spending quality time with his family. Robert continues to expand his skills and knowledge on the film industry and to contribute to film projects of the highest quality.

Robert Hernaiz / Sound Producer
The Team

We're always looking for collaborations with other filmmakers.

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